I call upon Allah for the insight of me and of me. Al-Ragheb said: The sight is said to the perpetual aggressor and the strength in it. The power of the conscious heart is said to be insightful and insightful.

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God said to Dawood (peace be upon him) told the people of the land that I am a lover of those who love me and the one who is loyal to me. I am the one who loves me. I am the one who loves me.

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The Universe is mathematical, with a Monadic structure at its root. It has similarities to what the https://www.goodhandbagsforsale.com yogi’s call Indra’s Net. Your soul is one Monad among an infinite amount of other Monads.

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The Shiites of the Shiites said that their Mahdi, the forerunner Yahia Abu Bakr and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them, then crucify them on a palm trunk and kill them every day, a thousand killed.
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Dennis Milner A Lifelong Friend. John C Milton Audrey Milton Pat Jones. George Mitchell Mrs Evely.

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