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Aziz Mataa if ordered
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Malik Fergat cried tears tears and considered it…. Brother Islam I consider before it is too late and does not benefit after that remorse to be called by God Almighty returned and left you in the dust buried you to work with you Manfuk And I have not left you but I am the living who does not die just enough and we return in the same subject…

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The will is only the heart’s resurrection to what he sees as acceptable to the purpose at once or in the future. If the purpose is to please God, there is no need to be faithful to this heart orientation. One’s intentions are better than his work.

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Radiology Associates of Hartford’s (RAH’s) first ever Great American Smokeout lung screening event proved to be a great success. Fifteen people took advantage of the free and reduced price lung CT scans on Nov. 21, at all three of RAH’s locations.

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