I spent less time with the AMens than I should have. I smelled them all up to Tonka, but mostly only briefly since Kevin was reviewing them. I really liked Malt, and tried to get a sample of Wood to try it again at home, but failed.

Many people will ask me about acting. Real say! To add a two-year
general performance (large agent), for example
10-15 Wan average monthly performance
year about 1.5 million years to count to
profit of about 15 % = 22-25 Wan
about a month to get 20,000
I do not like other clubs, take pictures of a bunch of money Tyrant practice!
But you do not want to say that every month to make a hundred thousand ~ community management, mission mother business, are difficult to achieve! As long as there is perseverance every day new, follow the pace, choose the right time, but also to stand still. Make visitors mouth beer is the only way!
To achieve success, it takes time to experience.

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