Nobody wants to put a lot of work in and it never comes out. It just goes in a folder on your hard drive, like, we did this thing that no one saw, but it was great. Open via Timothy A. Repeat this exercise identifying 4 things you see, feel, and hear, then 3 things, 2 things, and 1 thing. You may repeat the things you see, feel and hear. I see the clock, I see the computer, I see the plant in the corner, I see the phone, I see the window.. If the reservoir level is kept up by all these streams, the possibility of there being an overflow is much more likely. Make a list of all these niggling little irritations and eliminate them! Write a list of tolerations and begin getting rid of them. The idea is to begin to eliminate all the low level annoyances so that the flows are dried up and the anger reservoir begins to diminish. And we mustexamine the nature of organizations that demand such distinctions with anentirely different consciousness. Hock, leadership was aboutinspiring the best in people, about lighting in them the same fire that he hadfor bringing a company to the top. Anybody could be taught how to perform atask, but a true leader was someone who inspired that person to not onlycomplete the task, but to do so in ways that were more efficient, morecreative, and more passionate..

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