Sayna Ja’far al-Sadiq, may God be pleased with him

I was amazed by those who feared and did not fear to say the Almighty ((God, and yes the agent)

… I heard God after him says ((Vnkbloa blessing of God and virtue did not touch them ill)

… I was impressed by those who suffered harm and disease
and did not fear to say God Almighty (Lord, I am a sinner and you Hermes Replica have mercy on the merciful)
I heard God then says < br> (We responded to him and revealed Mabh harm)

I was impressed by those who suffered the mine
and did not fear to say the Almighty ((to God, but you Glory you I was wrong)
I have heard God then say
(We responded to him and saved him from grief as well as deliver the believers)

I was impressed For those who have come to harm, do not be afraid to say the Almighty.

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