New Mayor Marcelo Crivella said he believed the celebrations would bring 3 million people to the iconic beach, which would mean nearly half of Rio population. But locals said Brazil economic crisis is still impacting one of the city biggest parties. In 2017, 2 million people showed up at Copacabana beach, a number that hasn changed much over the years..

Kane’s pyro hits, and he makes his way out with Daniel Bryan.70. AJ being splashed with water is shown in slow motion a couple time before the match starts.71. Ziggler gets backed into the corner right after the bell, and Kane goes to work.72.

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It’s been a rough year for Metro North, which operates the commuter rail service between Connecticut and New York’s Grand Central Station. First derailments, power failures and other accidents raised questions about the railroad’s safety and its management. Then came a hard winter marked by delays, canceled trains and breakdowns, the failures that the expensive new M 8 rail cars were supposed to prevent.

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Roman childhood (pdf) Script Sketches 10. Roman entertainment (pdf) Script Sketches 11. The Roman legacy 1 (pdf) Script Sketches 12.

If you’ve got a gaping hole in the “charming everyday cologne” category in your fragrance collection, Cologne du 68 is very much worth a try. For my part, I had “charming everyday cologne” pretty well covered already, and I can’t say I think Cologne du 68 is worth the rather steep price tag for what is essentially a pleasant little cologne. It does last longer than the traditional Guerlain Eaux, but then, those at least come in the lovely Guerlain bee bottles.

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