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An article by Professor Dr. ============= ===========
the greatness of the Prophet and his eternal

God has blessed all of mankind the conclusion of the letter sent by the Messenger of Allah glad tidings and a warner, God said: {We sent thee not all people glad tidings and a warner } [Saba: 28]; to drive them out of the darkness into the light, and the worship of people to worship the Lord of mankind, from the injustice of religions to the justice of Islam, and narrow the minimum to capacity, and this allowed the right to be the Messenger of God, the savior of mankind, and like
came Messenger God is a comprehensive approach to the whole life is happy to live in its shadow, M comfortable and safe; because Rabbani approach addresses common sense and balance between the spiritual and physical requirements, shall be treated the Messenger of Allah with all the things that faced brilliantly in a way, and a year Sanitized drove us a huge treasure trove of art dealing, and etiquette
not without -hakiqh- any words Or the act of the Messenger of Allah from the creation of a cream, and high literature, reached the peak, and reached – not exaggeration – to the top of human perfection, even in situations where it is difficult to imagine morality as an influential factor; As well as in his humility, leadership, and rights To their owners, and to resolve problems, as it was also yes the father and the husband
Valazmh in the biography of Prophet Muhammad has no boundaries
was the best role model and good like his companions; therefore deepen his love in their hearts; so that he wishes someone to redeem the Messenger of Allah by His Spirit is not infected With a fork that hurt him [4]. Thus, the Prophet Muhammad lived in the consciousness and conscience, was the love of his companions definite proof of the love of the Messenger of Allah

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real love of the Prophet begins with our knowledge of the biography of the Messenger of Allah and gift All the affairs of his life; he is the example and example, he said in praise: (You have in the Messenger of God as a good example of who was May Allah and the Last Day seek Allah’s remembrance. Replica Bags

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