While I wouldn’t make Minnesota a preseason pick for the playoffs, tracking the next step on the very promising future is mandatory viewing. So is the depth chart at point guard, with veteran Ricky Rubio and rookie Kris Dunn. So much is expected of both teams, to different levels of course, and training camp will unlock some mysteries.

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Ahmadi Idrisi Gentlemen supervision Idrisids sons of the Grand Imam of Sidi Ahmed Ben Idriss
calleth pioneering approach, Mr. Ahmadi Idrisi Idriss Al Idrisi
to attend the annual scientific conference of Imam Ahmad bin Idris Beautiful Moroccan Idrisi (may Allah be pleased with him) and his grandson Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Al-Sharif Al-Idrisi (founder of the curriculum Ahmadi Idrisi)

Wednesday, Thursday, 27/26 of the month of Rajab Alasab 1434 H / 3013/6 / Participants in the conference
Holy Quran
Sheikh Mahmoud Abu Al Wafa Upper Egypt
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