Item ————-MENS Short Sleeve Solid T-shirts
Quantity ——– 11,00,000 pcs
Fabric———– 150 – 200 GSM, 100% Cotton
Type ———— 25% rib, 10% contrast and 65% piping neck (of all pcs)
Size ———— XS, S, M, L, XL, & XXL
Colors ———– 24/25 Colors as per attached
Label ———— No main Label, only size label Packing ——– 10–12 pcs Location ——– Price ————- USD Payment ——– 20% advance in Pay Order, 80% on spot

Cell Number : 01764474453, 01670-812778
email :

Wholesale Replica Bags Many years ago, I found this song in my grandmother’s house after she had passed away:
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Replica Bags I hope everyone had a great time with family though the holidays!!!

❄️️Changes for the new year❄️️

There will be minor changes made to make my job easier and so page does run
❄️️make sure you write NIL (next in line) of items that you want in buy it now, because I will be offering to next in line a lot more
❄️️Seller guidelines have been updated, so before dropping off I will make everyone read through them again and message me that you read before dropping
❄️️Meetings as always will be posted in the pinned post at top of
This auction round will be only 2 auctions that will ends 1/3 and 1/5 and then meetings are listed
✔️1/8 Sunday 11-2 my house
✔️1/9 MONDAY EGCC 8:45 (if Steubenville city schools have school if cancelled I will cancel meetings)
✔️1/9 MONDAY 4:30-6:30 my house
✔️1/10 TUESDAY 3-6 my house

❄️️My mom will be in FL for pretty much the entire winter so we won’t have Richmond meetings for January or
❄️️ If I had to relist for you last round or have to relist for you in 2017, you will need to message me your email after I sent total after auction ends and you will have a day to pay for
❄️️If you are new, you will need to pay after I send your total before I will even get bag
Payment options
❄️️ paying though Facebook messenger is absolutely free using a debit
How to set up Facebook messenger

❄️️ Payment through PayPal is free using a bank account after you set up an
Link to set up PayPal

❄️️ I can also send an invoice if you send me your email address but it will be with the fee Replica Designer Handbags of 4 % of total
You will have to send email address to send payment through and the 4% will be added to amount, it not paid within 24 hours, items will be offered to next in line for new members and members that I’ve had to relist for
You are aren’t current with pick ups, I will not be able to take a drop Replica Bags

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