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Replica Handbags Union of Universities of Egypt Scholarship for half year students, graduates and experience
Top 10 diplomas (Professional) (practical) (accredited) in the Middle East
Cairo University and Ain Shams University The two largest universities in the Middle East
______—- —-________ ——- —- —- _________

The goal of Cairo University or Ain Shams University is to help students and graduates connect reality to reality practical life process 100%
1-professional diploma and 9 financial accountant professional accounting courses free
at a price of 600 c only for a limited period
(tax – commercial companies – ste Import & Export – Transactions with Banks – Tourist Restaurants – Electronic Accounting – Practical Status in English – Advanced Eksil – Diploma in Diploma – Cairo University or Ain Shams University – 3 years certified by a famous accounting office 4 – Comprehensive CD + for more than a thousand books in accounting 5 – Comprehensive books and practical cases and all the explanatory notes for each lecture
6 – Comprehensive written tools 7 – comprehensive workshops at least five workshops for professional accounting practice
8-exam at the end of training to assess your level in the absence of the mother of passing You have the right to restore the parts that you can not pass the exam again
What has not been absorbed from the vocational training

9 – Praise be to God The approval of Ain Shams University and Cairo University to be training
10 courses < br> Accounting
600 c instead of 3000 c
10- for the first time lecturers
Supervisors of joint stock companies – Legal accountants – Account managers – Financial managers – The idea of ​​lecturers must be professionals, practicing the profession and training for at least 20 years.

Dates of the Cairo University branch

/ 1/2015 two days per week Alatnen and Thursday
every week
1- of the population 2. Ah from 5 pm to pm 8
dates Giza branch
______________ < br> 1- one day intensive
on Friday approved 01.16.2015 from 2 pm to 6 pm Massa2 – Sunday and Wednesday will start from next Wednesday, 2015/1/14 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Replica Handbags

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