The pursuit of God realization was always supposed to be a process, a yoga (science), if you will, that becomes ‘self-evident’. There are 3 powerful stages in ‘realizing’ the presence of the Absolute via the process of Bhakti Yoga:

First level
Brahman (ubiquitous cosmic manifest)- The Supreme Truth in His cognizant energy feature, known as Brahman, is present throughout the entire cosmic
Second level
Paramatma (mysticism)- The Supreme Truth is also eternally manifest in the sub-atomic form called
Third level
Bhagavad (beyond mysticism)- The same Supreme Truth remains manifest at all times under all circumstances in His eternal personal form known as Bhagavan, who is the Supreme Personality of
These three divine aspects of Sri Krishna can be explained by the example of the sun, which also has three different aspects, namely the sunshine, the sun’s surface and the sun planet

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