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30 – Amman, Jordan

The most important games and the most powerful games + The most powerful offers on satellite systems

The most important channels that transmit games The English Premier League and the Champions League 2016 free The Iraqi Duhok channel, which transfers the strongest matches with the Arab comment, where the channel transfers some important matches, not all the league games. The channel on the satellite NSS Channel

Installation of the NSS satellite for the Duhok channel on the 60 cm dish Tyon with the hd picker and Dizek 30 dinars With installation in any area in Amman.
If any HD receiver is available if there is no receiver with JD 50 LD – Install, All the satellites and screens on all the satellites and the lowest prices

Nilesat system including the dish, the wire and the receiver
with the synthesis of all the stations and the wire fixing with 40 dinars


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