Barber Garage
FREE – Boa Vista From Rio Branco, Roraima, Brazil

Barber Garage

With a lot of news for you customers, News Segue aii:

✔Realignments for men + Cut R $ 50,00
✔Large Plating R $ 45,00
✔ Cut + Pigmentation R $ 20,00
✔Barba Navalhada R $ 10,00
✔Pigmentacao R $ 10,00 <
✔Freeslyle (Depends on what the customer wants)

WiFi released in the Air Conditioned Environment
KingFite Game (1 real a Ficha)

Opala Street N ° 95 Jockey Club (in front of the server square)

Team replica hermes Barber Garage Thanks

FREE – São Paulo



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⭕Caixa Milk de Natal! ⭕

✔️Only: R $ 2,50 ✔️You can fill with sweets, chocolates!
✔️Minimum Order of 5
⭕Medidas up to 10 /
We accept cards!
Whatsapp: 99249-9376 / 99353-8714

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