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Hermes Replica Bags Peace be upon you, mercy and blessings of God:
Ahbab Allah and His Messenger, may God bless you and benefit you and you took seats in the Paradise Supreme of the Paradise
I communicate with you God and his ability in Q & A on the torment of the grave and his bliss:

13 – Where is the place on another in death?

There is no preference for any place except Mecca and Medina, and it was preferred by the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions, may Allah be pleased with them and the followers and good predecessors Maeedle on the best and that is the words of the Prophet peace be upon him (Who was able to die in Madinah Vialal) and also the prayer of Omar, may Allah be pleased with him (O God, I ask you a certificate in your path and death in the country of your love

Q 14: What is the sign of the descent of the mercy of the dead?
A: It was reported that the Prophet peace be upon him said (watch for the dead when he died three: The splitting of his forehead, and shed his eyes and spread his treasures, (Al-‘Uwad al-Shuwaqani) and God is higher and I know

Q 15: Is it permissible for a dead person to do ghusl and takfin and carry to the grave? The guidance to the kiss on death This is the words of the most scientists and the ruling of that imperative and this guidance when the emergence of any signs of death either before death or kisses for the dead in which they saw: Or on his back and legs in the direction of the kiss, so that if the seat or seat is the future of the kiss. And second: to sleep on his right side the future of the kiss with his face and the second opinion is more likely to wash the dead after he washes his hand and be shrouded after he was selected the most luxurious clothes He carries on the necks and was before walking on the ground with a false health Vahd on the dead in all this change to replace him and not Guo

Q 16: Blindfolded eyes: When and how and Mahkmh What is the wisdom of it? The death or is after the spirit out of him directly and be gentle and soft and kindness and do it I enclose the dead people and the closest to him and I know them and most of them Faqha Ruling on that is a confirmed year and a process of saying the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “If you come to your dead, close your eyesight, then the sight follows the spirit, and you say good.” (Ahmad is in his Musnad). It is terrifying and the eyes are ready to enter waterHoney in this and this harm the dead and this leads us to the next question and answer it and we will continue this question in a meeting is coming, God willing, we meet God, who will not waste his deposits and peace and mercy of God and blessings of God, we have in this world Hassan and in the other good and Qana the torment of fire Hermes Replica Bags.

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