A lot of people want the opportunity but I’m blessed to have it, but it didn’t come without hard work,” Mathis said of having college coaches watching the game.One of Mathis most impressive plays of the game came when he didn even touch the ball.With just 22 seconds left in the first half, Oak Wholesale Replica Bags Park took over after a Groves scored to make it 14 7. Oak Park was seemingly ready to run the ball into the half when junior running back Phillip Stewart broke two tackles and bounced the rush outside.Mathis, who was lined up as wide receiver on the play, never gave up in the play, sprinting up the right sideline and pancaking a defender for the final block to spring Stewart free for the touchdown.”Honestly, when I seen him break it out I was like, ‘I can’t let him down, we’ve got to score’,” Mathis said. “I more so put him on my back because I’m that kind of guy, I wanted him to score more than I want to score.

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Again and again, Spriggs and his assistant director, Fred Lewis, reiterate that the museum first obligation is to Harlem and the spiritual and cultural values it represents. National Endowment people insist that that minorities get first preference in our programs, and they do, said Spriggs. Both men seem indifferent to media criticism that has labeled the museum as inner directed, relevant to whites and exhibiting work of poor quality.

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