All was as it should be. The furnace was running, its constant exhalation heating the house until the insides of the windows perspired and the kitchen’s cooking smells drifted all the way to the bedrooms and back again. Warmth, food, family it was a scene of reassuring comfort, and although I might have felt it as such, nothing about it registered itself as rare, and that I took it for granted only testifies to how few interiors I knew well..

I think its name is a reference to the Italian candy confetti, sugar coated almonds that are served to signify good wishes at weddings and other festive occasions. In Confetto, we get the almond, and we get the sugar; it’s all very mouth watering and it qualifies as a “feminine” gourmand. However, the dry down ruins things somewhat for me: Confetto morphs into a lingering cloud of vanilla musk.

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