Products raining all over the network has been on the shelves of cosmetics r na Sell: *** Essence of hair removal and blackheads eliminate Tina Le ***
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6 The outstanding essence of natural cosmetics – Tina Le Hair Extract
Ingredients – Peanut Essential Oil – Essential Fatty Acids – Deodorized and Sterilized

Non-irritating feathers (feather areas such as: hands, legs, face, armpits …) – Particularly armpit, eyebrows, mustache, hair growth is the most powerful (should be slow – Do not depilate, reduce the effect of the skin, reduce the pores, l The hair grows softer, longer or does not grow – Skin smoothing – Can be applied to blackheads, pubic hairs on the nose and – Use in case of burns, not inflating Direction – The areas of hands, feet, fingers, toes: Apply the oil three to five days after shaving, or Wax – Eliminate facial hair (mustache, facial hair, eyebrows). Strong areas need to be persevered because of the slow action – After sticking the nose, or the hair is removed. – Take water to the feet, the person in contact with water: After washing the water to dry, apply the product.

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