Jessica thanks for the review. I was wondering if this would get any attention. Now, I am going to be the big wet cloud that rains on everyone parade. I love eau Dynamisante, and I had a bottle for many years. I was super excited for this eau des Jardins, and esp. with the heat we had, this summer has become the summer of colognes for me. I been wearing and wanting different colognes left and right. So, I bought eau des Jardins unsniffed and well, I was actually pretty disappointed. And I WANTED to like it, so I kept retesting it. I kept trying to persuade myself that it was good, but it just didn work on me. The opening for me was great super citrus more like grapefruit, bergamot, and orange blossoms. I did get some sharp petit grain type note, which I like. It is a bit for my taste, but what ruined it for me was the during the middle notes and dry down it just started to smell a bit synthetic for me. Just a bit of that lovely dryer sheet accord. It wasn awful, but I was actually pretty disappointed. It was probably just me as I had such high hopes for it. Maybe it was my nose at the time which was burned out on the heat, but it just didn work. Bummer. I love Clarins stuff.

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