Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, Peace be upon the most honorable prophets and messengers Our master, Mohamed Sadiq, my dear brothers, I salute you with greetings of Islam Peace, mercy and blessings of God upon you., And after the end of the days pass and every day we recognize the personality Riachih and speak the finest speech and the most beautiful phrases that blow Almassk fragrance and this evidence of love and friendship that links us and strengthen our relations between us, and this is what we aim at we are all the sons of one body and brothers and our honor with knowledge People may hear them but do not know them through these The page near us far distances to meet at the point is the closest and it is through this page that distinguish and crown the men with them is outstanding and a high-level

We know each day a new personality and the village side of the other, Everyone is through their lives to take lessons for our future. Life is a test.

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Replica Hermes This is our response to those who wanted to observe it in the morning and in the evening to defend every evil that afflicts every Shaykh, who knows God. By Muhammad Muhammad ibn al-Habib Amagari al-Idrissi al-Hassani al-Sharif al-Maghribi

O Allah, send blessings upon our master Muhammad and your Prophet, Your creation and satisfaction of yourself and weigh your throne and the spread of your words
I seek refuge in Allah, the hearer, the Knower of the accursed Satan 2, In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate, the powerless except the Almighty God Almighty I offer to you every soul, The people of the heavens and the people of the earth and everything in your knowledge is or has been, I offer to you in the hands of all of this [there is no god but God (4)

I ask you the light of the face of God Almighty, who filled the pillars of the throne of God Almighty , And done by the great worlds of God, to pray to our Lord and Maulana Muhammad the Great Destiny, and to the Prophet of God
Astgfr God Almighty, who has no god but He, the living Qayyum, Ghafar sins, Glory and honor, and repent to him Of all sins, sins and sins, and of all the guilt of his sin, intentionally and wrongly, outwardly and inwardly, in word and deed, in all my movements, my dwelling places, my sins, and my breath, And the sin of what I do not know, the number of what surrounded by science and counted by the book and the line of the pen and the number of what created by the capacity and allocated by the will and the provision of the words of God as it should Jalal God’s face and beauty and perfection and as our Lord loves [Astgfr God] (3)

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[Praise be to Allah and praise be to God and there is no god but Allah and Allah is greater and no about and no power except in God Almighty] (3) > [سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم] (3) User Name Remember Me? Password FAQ Calendar Mark Forums Read [3] Password FAQ Members List Calendar Mark Forums Read (3) <<<< Password FAQ Members List Social Groups Calendar Mark Forums Read ([3]) [صباح ربكPraise be to Allah. [O God, send blessings upon our master Muhammad, your servant, your Prophet, and your Prophet, the Prophet and his family and his companions and peace of recognition, as great as yourself all the time and time] (3) Amen آمين آمين سبحان ربك رب العزة What they describe and peace to the messengers and praise be to Allah – O Allah, I ask you a true Islam accompanied by submission to your commands and intentions, and a sincere faith, firm and steadfast, preserved from all similarities and misfortunes, It brings us into the presence of the unseen, and purifies it of the types of obscurity and other defects, and the revelation reveals to us the names and qualities of the names, and moves us to watch the lights of self-manifestations, How do we treat you with your prayers, fill our hearts with the lights of your knowledge, so that we can witness your universality in all creatures, and make us from the people of your beloved circle of conservation, and from those who are capable of trusting and trusting you Replica Hermes.

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