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Designer Valentino Replica HomeWhat’s OnWhat’s On NewsEasterWhen is Easter 2018? Dates for Good Friday and Easter MondayIt can all be very confusing here’s all you need to know about the date for EasterWhat’s OnThe date is important not only for Easter’s religious celebrations but because it helps determine Lent and also when Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day (the fourth Sunday of Lent) will take place.In addition, many use the four day weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday as an opportunity to book holidays and the earlier you do this, the better for prices and availability.So when is Easter in 2018? For 2018, Good Friday will fall on Friday, March 30.The next day (March 31) is correctly known as Holy Saturday. Although it’s commonly referred to as Easter Saturday, that is actually the name for the Saturday after Easter, which in 2018 will be April 7.Easter Sunday or Easter Day the main day of the Christian festival, marking the day Jesus rose from the dead is on Sunday, April 1 (yes, the same as April Fool’s Day).And then Easter Monday is on April 2.So Easter 2018 comes a whole TWO WEEKS before the 2017 dates.Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays in the UK.Easter 2017: Dates and things to do for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday bank holidaysWhat about Greek Easter? Whereas the Western Christian Church uses the Gregorian calendar and will celebrate Easter on the dates given above, the Eastern Orthodox Church uses the earlier Julian calendar to work out what’s called Greek Easter or Orthodox Easter.In some years as happened in 2017 the Western and Eastern dates for Easter are the same.But in other years, they are different.In 2018, Greek Easter will be a week later than Western Easter, celebrating Good Friday on April 6, Easter Sunday on April 8 and Easter Monday on April 9. None of those dates will be public holidays in the UK.Why does the date of Easter change every year? Although known today mostly as a time for eating chocolate eggs, Easter is a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus as described in the Bible.The Gospels accounts of the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus that are included in the Bible place the date of the Crucifixion as Friday, April 3, although mention of an eclipse occurring on that day has created further debate.The year of the Crucifixion has been worked out to be 33 AD by comparing with references to high priest Caiaphas, governor Pontius Pilate and emperor Tiberius Caesar, who all lived around the same time as Jesus.So, if we know Jesus died on April 3, why is the date of Easter different every year?It’s because the last week in the life of Jesus a period known as the Passion includes a series of connected events that must fall in the right place on the calendar Designer Valentino Replica.

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