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-, democratic and economic “, which will be a factor of stability, peace and stability. In a country like France, which plays a leading role in Europe, we would expect the dialogue on the future of the Old Continent, especially in the pre-election period to be at the forefront of politics
However, this absolutely necessary dialogue remains


The dangers that opened up the field of national competitions, fascism and Nazism in Europe gave historical lessons and worshiped the peoples, Replica Handbags and the peoples brought out values ​​and movements that united them, such as peace, anti-fascism, anti-racism, human and democratic rights, social, solidarity and the need for a strong state

– contains the proposal of the French Communist Party for a pan-European front facing the crisis and austerity in Europe, lost in its ethnocentric oath

Our answer

We are in a historic period of great scientific and technological revolution, huge accumulation of capital, multinational and financial, in a period of great

streams appear strong

However, given the dilemma, it is highlighted and it is clear: Whether we will go into the whirl of national competitions ignoring the historical experience of our fathers or lay the foundations for a “single European public space, social, democratic and economic “, Which will be a factor of stability, peace and
This is a political agenda that did not open in French
The election result of the first round of the elections for the Left was very good, but the dilemma for the second round s in the very Europe of nationalisms and national competitions, or Europe of peoples unity?

Whatever the twin of the second round, the dilemma would be the same, especially in France, where the Far left remains strong and affects politics
But the Left knows that abstention is for spectators and not for them. As long as this is not done by the Left, but by the various political currents and political forces, the crisis in the conscience of citizens will acquire metaphysical characteristics
The crisis, of course, is not neither a metaphysical phenomenon nor an epidemic disease but a political result of the neo-liberal model of power imposed on the latter Fake Handbags.

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