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Magnificent apartment, totally decorated with the best, we do not save anything, Portinari floor 80×80 piece, room with huge mirror from the skirting board to the ceiling, recess of plaster with built-in leds, curtain and vual tailor made furniture, built-in furniture cabinet made to measure high standard, 2 bedrooms we made a Home Office with sofa bed, double bedroom with box bed, in fact, more than 50 thousand reais invested in
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Replica Hermes Belts CGB Methodist Church Relief Center – we are in receipt of donations from Myett’s Cane Garden Bay (this is their third donation)- lots of new baby clothes, gently used children and adult clothes (all in great condition), limited supply of Size “D” battery, pampers, toiletries, flip flops and much more!

IrMaria wiped you out! No worries – we have you covered!

Stop by after 4pm till dark!

Thank to Myett’s for their continued support to the community!

Our pantry will be restocked within the next week thanks to a generous donor Replica Hermes Belts.

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