I Need a Freaking Drink: Miles tries to deal with the awkwardness of Keiko’s teenaged state by going to get coffee, until Keiko insists upon getting it herself, which makes the situation even more awkward. Then they’re so upset that neither of them takes so much as a sip from their coffee before setting down the cups. Magic Pants: Averted. When Picard and the team come through the transporter, the sleeves of their clothes all hang below their hands and Picard and Ro’s slacks are quite baggy. When they use the transporters at the end to reverse the effect, young Picard is wearing an oversize uniform when he steps into the chamber. (Fortunately) Picard’s artificial heart doesn’t seem to Replica Ysl have been too constricted by his sudden slimming down. Pretty Boy: Young Picard; and from the looks of it, he enjoys being back there for some time. Really 700 Years Old: While this has always applied for Guinan, it applies even more in this particular episode. Spoiled Brat: Picard has to act like this to get onto the bridge to relay his need to get the computer unlocked. Status Quo Is God: Of course, but there’s no hurry, as Guinan points out to Ensign Ro near the end. Technobabble: Riker distracts Morta with this so he can, with his free hand, release the computer lockout where the kids are so they can begin to retake the ship. It’s actually complete gibberish, and Morta is an idiot. Teens Are Short: Averted, interestingly. Though he’s a bit thinner than usual (so his uniform hangs rather loosely from him), the younger Picard as played by then fifteen year old David Birkin still towers over Counselor Troi in his scene with her about as much as the older version played by Patrick Stewart ever did. The Worf Effect : Exaggerated since not only does Worf promptly get shot, but Riker along with about 1,000 other crew manages to lose shields and suffer casualties on the Federation’s flagship taking on no more than two dozen Ferengi pirates in two refurbished old Klingon birds of prey before losing the ship itself to their tiny boarding party. Odo would later justly troll Worf about this incident (among others) when he complained about the seeming laxity of station security on Deep Space Nine as compared to that of the Enterprise.

Ysl replica bags One of the confusing elements of the series is that it doesn’t really have any conclusive ending; the series ends with the Machine Empire crippled, but not destroyed, with Lord Zedd declaring “We’re back!” and plotting their full return. Then the Turbo movie comes out, where the Machine Empire doesn’t get any mention, Lord Zedd and Rita are apparently on vacation and the Zeo powers are dropped in favor of the Turbo powers. The infamous fan hoax Scorpion Rain was an attempt to bridge this gap, claiming to be a multi part Missing Episode where Rita and Zedd fight against the Machine Empire climaxing with a royal rumble on the moon and Serpentera being buried. Ysl replica bags

replica ysl Averted in the Astro City story “Knock Wood”: the protagonist is a defense attorney who has to defend the son of a mob boss accused of murder. Despite the air tight case (the crime occurred in a nightclub with 59 witnesses) and concerns about mob ties, he performs his job diligently, insisting on following the system. the alleged victim might not really be dead; the killer might be an alternate universe evil twin of the defendant, etc), he introduces enough doubt in the jury to win the case. replica ysl

Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Roger is so badly rattled by the event that he temporarily quits his job in order to spend more time with his family; to his family’s (and his co workers’) relief, he realizes this was a mistake and goes back to work. Affair Hair: Andy thinks she finds one on Roger’s jacket during an uncharacteristic fit of jealousy. Affectionate Parody: Of The Boondocks when Jason attempts to fill in for Aaron Mcgruder, despite knowing nothing about “African American Culture” or “Politics”. Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica

Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags He died somewhere on that planet.”. Back to Back Badasses: Johns and Riddick (briefly). Bait the Dog: So it seems like Riddick, after all this talk about how bad he is, might be an alright guy after all when he prevents Jack from getting killed and used as bait by Johns. Then Riddick leaving the others to die as soon as it becomes a viable option really drives home the point of what a scumbag he can be. Barrier Busting Blow: After http://www.replicayslbag.com the suns go down and the planet is covered in darkness due to the eclipse, the Bioraptors roam free Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags.

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