Assam of India is in the recently launched Colognes Grand Crus collection from perfume house Berdoues. I wanted it immediately, partly for the notes (black Assam tea from India, citron and sandalwood) and partly for the bottle (see below), because, elephants. An incredibly kind reader found it on sale at a good price and sent me a bottle (perfume people are the nicest, right?) and lo and behold, the bottle is indeed fantastic (I’ve kept it sitting by my computer for weeks now, so I can admire the elephants) and the fragrance, while admittedly perhaps not the genius of all genius fragrances, is a very enjoyable summer y black tea with citrus, sorta/kinda in the same ballpark as the black tea from Speziali Fiorentini or Jo Malone Assam Grapefruit.

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