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VII: In contrast to what we mentioned in the previous point completely, we find some of the owners of the Zionist racist thought adopt completely and the president of the ideas and opinions, opinions and writings of Ibn Taymiyah, who opposed and opposed and ruled the Koran and violated the necessities Islam and Muslims, who ruled the imams of the four schools of thought in his age ruled by his misguidance and misguidance as ruled by many scholars and jurists and imams of his era and beyond ruled the eighth: Here we want to remind our children and our dear Sunnis that the lawsuit of some owners of poisonous racist ideas separated and weakened and destroyed To the nation who have the ideas of Takfirism, I say that their call to return only and only to Muslim and Bukhari and to promote them and activate them can be intended by canceling the interview originally, ie, the cancellation of your brothers and your brothers and your Sindk and your Shiites and put them in the place of infidelity and disbelief and out of religion easy to convince the fools and misguided them and their ratification and application of the fatwa Blood and their symptoms, we hope to pay attention to this serious issue and repeat that we do not object to the thought and adopt it, but our objection to the use of slander and injustice and compassion on others and expiation and the permissibility of their blood and their symptoms and their money. In order to convince some to leave a certain doctrine and enter the last… But I want to say that from the theoretical and practical side can not reconcile and unite between such attitudes and opinions and ideas and buildings and beliefs and contradictory and https://www.goodhandbagsforsale.com contradictory… Hermes Replica Handbags

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Hermes Handbags The Warehouse is featured on the Town of Wethersfield’s official seal. The historical society has already received several donations from its supporters to replace some of the items that were stolen, and hopes to receive more. The exhibit in the Warehouse will be reinstalled in time for a reopening celebration on May 24 the 80th anniversary of the Warehouse’s restoration Hermes Handbags.

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