His knowledge and the lights of his love, for his knowledge in the hearts of his faithful followers, according to what they knew from the signs of His majesty, and what they thought of the qualities of his beauty, each description of his influence in their hearts, knowledge of the Lord the greatest knowledge, Hearts, how this science, which is the best science and its origin and origin And its foundation….) A) This; because the light of the names of the Almighty and his attributes was his religion Nora, and His Messenger Nora, and the words of light, and dignity of his slaves light shining, and light burning in the hearts of believers worshipers, and on their tongues, and shows on their faces, And may be blessed and exalted upon them this light on the Day of Resurrection, as the Almighty said: {… Their light seeks in their hands and faithO Allah, grant us our light, and forgive us, for You are over all things mighty. “[Al-Haraam: 8].

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