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Livingstone joined TVOntario as a print editor but he also had a thirst for pop culture and it wasn’t long before he was writing about music, photography and fashion for The Toronto Star, Chatelaine, Saturday Night, Macleans and Toronto Life Fashion. He became editor in chief of a spinoff, The Look, in 2002 and editor in chief of Men’s FASHION in 2011. He left Men’s FASHION last year..

I wish to thank the city of Wavre and especially the communal workers for the excellent work done on the parking of the old electric factory from 6am this morning. If the citizens would be a little more responsible this parking would remain a longer clean, but given the lack of civility of a part of the population and visitors I fear that it does not stay as clean…
Just a little regret, the ground signage is illegible and a road sign has been lying there for more than 15 days and regularly I put it off the road
Thanks to all the team


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The show, staged by Maxwell Williams, is now in previews. It runs Dec. 6 to 28. Volunteers, their emotions still raw in the weeks after the tragedy, read through the rest, fighting tears as they continually sorted the items and also tried to answer some of the correspondence.But the boxes of mail kept coming.Overwhelmed by the widespread support about a month into their grief, some thought it was time to start Replica Wholesale bags throwing things away. Others believed that these expressions should be part of the town’s legacy, a bright spot in Newtown’s darkest day.”I was like, ‘This is unbelievable,'” Moreno said. “I thought, ‘What is going to happen to all of this?'”Was there a way to gently manage this outpouring, to marshall the raw power of these gestures?So a diverse group of Newtown residents librarians, historians, homemakers banded together and began a documentation project.

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