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“And before All Saints´ Day ends, which is holy to my saint as well as to yours, so that you can, without compromising yourself, give me a keepsake, will you not do so?”, pleaded Alonso, fixing his eyes on his cousin´s, which flashed like lightning, gleaming with a diabolical
“Why not?”, she exclaimed, raising her hand to her right shoulder as though seeking for something amid the folds of her wide velvet sleeve embroidered with “Do you recollect the blue scarf I wore to-day to the hunt, – the scarf which you said, because of something about the meaning of its colour, was the emblem of your soul?”
““Well! It is lost! It is lost, and I was thinking of letting you have it for a “Lost? Where?”, asked Alonso, rising from his seat with an indescribable expression of mingled fear and “I do not know, – perhaps on the “On the Spirits´ Mountain!” he murmured, paling and sinking back into his Then he went on in a voice choked and broken:
“You know, for you have heard it a thousand times, that I am called in the city, in all Castile, the king of the
While the young man was speaking, an almost imperceptible smile curled the lips of Beatriz, who, when he had ceased, exclaimed in an indifferent tone, while she was stirring the fire of the hearth, where the wood blazed and snapped, throwing off sparks of a thousand colors:
“Oh, by no means! What folly! To go to the mountain at this hour for such a trifle! On so dark a night, too, with ghosts abroad, and the road beset by wolves!”
As she spoke this closing phrase, she emphasized it with so peculiar an intonation that Alonso could not fail to understand all her bitter “Farewell, Beatriz, “Alonso, Alonso!” she called, turning quickly, but now that she wished – or made show of wishing – to detain him, the youth had The old dames, meanwhile, were continuing their tales of ghostly apparitions; the wind was shrilling against the balcony glass, and far away the bells of the city tolled
An hour passed, two, three; midnight would soon be striking, and Beatriz withdrew to her “He must have been afraid!” exclaimed the girl, closing her prayer-book and turning forward her bed after a vain attempt to murmur some of the prayers that the church offers for the dead on the Day of All
After putting out her light and drawing the double silken curtains, she fell asleep; but her sleep was restless, light, The Postigo clock struck “It must have been the wind”, she said, and pressing her hand above her heart, she strove to calm
First these doors, then the more distant ones, – all the replica hermes birkin doors which led to her room opened, one after another, some with a heavy, groaning sound, some with a long wail that set the nerves on Beatriz, stiffening with fear, yet trembling, thrust her head out through the bed-curtains and listened a She saw, with the dilation of the pupils common in nervous crises, dim shapes moving hither and thither all about the room, but when she fixed her gaze on any one point, there was nothing but darkness and impenetrable “Bah!”, she exclaimed, again resting her beautiful head upon her blue satin pillow, “am I as timid as these poor kinsfolk of mine, whose hearts thump with terror under their armor when they hear a ghost-story?”

And closing her eyes she tried to sleep, – but her effort to compose herself was in The wind beat against the balcony glass; the water of the far-off fountain was falling, falling, with a monotonous, unceasing sound; the barking of the dogs was borne upon the gusts, and the church bells in the city of Soria, some near, some remote, tolled sadly for the souls of the
So passed an hour, two, the night, a century, for that night seemed to Beatriz
When her attendants rushed in, aghast, to tell her of the death of Alonso, the heir of Alcudiel, whose body, partly devoured by wolves, had been found that morning among the brambles of the Spirits´Mountain, they discovered her motionless, convulsed, clinging with both hands to one of the ebony bed-posts, her eyes staring, her mouth open, the lips white, her limbs rigid, – dead, dead of fright!

They say that, some time after this event, a hunter who, having lost his way, had been obliged to pass the Night of the Dead on the Spirits´ Mountain, and who in the morning, before he died, was able to relate what he had seen, told a tale of
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