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The first half of The End of Protest delivers a rather dry history of activism, followed by a postmortem of Occupy itself. Nothing new or particularly controversial is revealed. In White’s view, there were four fundamental problems: 1) lack of any vetting process for new members.

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I wouldn know how to bring that steady intensity to bear on a closed door. That just a fact. I can do panic; I don do high focus readiness.

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> 4 – The rest in the neighborhood of Tek

What is this remnant? No one but God can die before the end of his life so that the rest will inherit one of his companions, Hallelujah this great Bhattan. A person will not die before completing the last moment in the Almighty. If their time comes, they will not delay the hour or draw back.

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Also, I’m a talker and New York is a whole city of talkers everyone knows how to pick up a line, join in the patter. So in spite of the fact that there are many closed, secret spaces in the city there’s also a tremendous openness, a sense of being in the mix. Of course, it helps that I’m an out of towner with a wide open face and time enough to listen to everyone’s jokes and stories and advice.

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A: Drug prices are a hot topic in the presidential race, and Congressional committees have been investigating eye popping increases by other companies. New drugs for cancer and rare diseases can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and older drugs, even some generics, have had unprecedented price spikes. With the increase in high deductible insurance plans, more people are paying the full cost of prescriptions.

It was the age of the earth, and the sky was hidden… The house of Omar… A house of great humility…

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