The summit of challenge and pain to smile and in your eyes a thousand tears
Who did not cry the minimum…………. Will not laugh the last to him
Everything end…. The smile and the end of the tears…………

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The man said:

Omar bin al-Khattab said: If I will put you on the limit
The man said: Give me three days My father died and left me treasure I and my little brother If you killed me lost treasure and lost my brother after me.. Omar ibn al-Khattab said: He said: “O Abu Dhar, do you guarantee this man?” Abu Dhar said: “Yes, O Commander of the Believers.” Omar ibn al-Khattab said: You do not know him and that I ran away on you limit
Abu Dhar said I guarantee him, O Commander of the Faithful
And the man left and passed on the first day and the second and third and all the people was his weight on Abu Dhar so that the limit is not set on it and shortly before the prayer of Morocco, He tired and tired and Replica Wholesale Handbags stood in the hands of the faithful Omar ibn al-Khattab
The man said: I have handed the treasure and my brother to his brothers and I under your hand to assess Ali Hadad
Surprised Omar bin al-Khattab and said: What returned you could have escaped??

The man said: I was afraid to say it has gone to fulfill the Covenant of the people
Asked Omar bin al-Khattab Abu Dhar Why guaranteed???? Abu Dhar said: I was afraid to say it has gone Better than the people
and affected by the children of the dead
And they said we have been away from him
Omar ibn al-Khattab said: Why?
And they are afraid to say it has gone amnesty of people
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