Pray for the presence of Jannab al-Mustafa

Pray for the presence of Jannab al-Mustafa
the origin of existence and the best of the follower
Of his apostles

– The beloved on the rug in the palm of the earth
Moses Alklim in the land of a barefoot
Mohamed spirit of existence and secret
Secret secret in Replica Hermes Bags the universe Yamen known
P If the light appeared on the horizon of the light of Janaba – then the light of the universe and did not disappear
The Christians extolled their prophet in their misguidance
This is the son of Mary, what they said afraid
those who pledge the funeral – under the tree but the people of Safa
Baayouh Allah all the precious

And as far as the Lord of the universe were known
Mohamed Abdel-Ilah and his love
The highest ranks in existence and supervisors
And the house of the beloved of the Prophet Mujtaba
People of affection and knowledge and Wafa
The beloved ordered their love and their prayers

The killing of Ibn Wad in a blow
delivered right to the headache of Xavi
On the day of Khaybar was more courageous than the coming
the demolition of the fortresses and the door of the door of explosives
And then the daughter of the best way – the daughter and mother of the lover Mustafa – Oh, the best women of Muhammad, created and created and this description is adequate. Then Al-Hasan is the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad, the son of the imam, and he was better than the pardons. The imam went out with three of his money and three others for money.

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