There were reports the Sox offered Ellsbury a five year, $100 million deal that even could be stretched to six years. The Red Sox didn’t short change him. They just hoped he would pack his leadoff ability, his OBP, his sterling stolen base efficiency, his Gold Glove and his ability to produce in October and take the last train to the coast.

Alex scanned the group and their families around the giant half circle of the amphitheater. He knew some of them, not all. Alex mind wandered as the High Priest Justine announced first the names of the Wanteds, and he startled only slightly as the high priest spoke Aaron name.

According to a 2011 study by the US government agency, SAMHSA, “When exposed to a traumatic event, children as young as 18 months can have serious emotional and behavioral problems later in childhood and in adulthood. “We know that untreated traumatic stress can have long lasting effects on a child’s physical and emotional health. We also know that the symptoms of traumatic stress are treatable and the TF CBT model produces excellent results.”.

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The new black remote features a glass touch surface on the top half, so you can navigate the Apple TV with swipes and other gestures. The Bluetooth remote has volume controls for the TV and a built in accelerometer and gyroscope. It can last three months on one charge.

Glorious. These days, real oak moss is pretty well scrubbed from new releases, ditto labdanum and bergamot, so I make my own chypre with real oakmoss, labdanum, ambrette, and bergamot, with various additions according to my whim. Probably Mitsouko, though to me Mitsy has a lot going on that is and gracenotes and not necessarily chypre.

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