Now, what went through the mind of the IAU to think that the “planet” word needed a formal science definition? The ambiguity of this word had been acknowledged for ages, and there was some disagreement among astronomers. They could just as well have kept on using accurate names, such as gas giants or kuiper belts objects. It’s as if some day, the “International Biologists Union” decided it was a good time to formally define the word “bug”.

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La tercera cualidad del amor es su falta absoluta de auto conciencia, su espontaneidad. El amor disfruta de tal modo amando que no tiene la menor conciencia de s mismo. Es lo mismo que ocurre con la lmpara.

JASAL (ISSN 1833 6027) is a fully peer reviewed journal of scholarship on Australian Literature, published by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL). We publish one or two general issues each year and one or more guest edited special issues on particular themes, along with the annual guest edited conference issue. JASAL welcomes essays that consider Australian literature in all its forms (fictional, critical, print, filmic, and so on) and in terms of its socio political and cultural contexts.

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