The dance goes this way: the idiot in question peers up the long line of cars, repeatedly pressing his car keys, hoping to see his car lights flashing. The neck stretches and swivels. The idiot in question is as attentive as a meerkat emerging from a burrow.

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Practical Human Resources Diploma
******************************** – Human resources in private and government companies
– Role of human resources manager

– Classification and evaluation of jobs

Study of supply and demand in human resources
– Labor law
– Workshops for conducting Job Interview – Performance Assessment – ADDIE Model – Training Needs Analysis – Compensation
– How Social Insurance Accounts are Calculated
– Salary Tax Calculation Method – > Diploma benefits:
• Obtaining a certificate of accreditation..
• Preparatory program for obtaining the certificate of Haniyeh and professionalism in human resources..
• Access to the scientific material Hermes Bags Replica.

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