prayer forty – ninth Oh God, pray to our beloved Muhammad Al-Bashir Al-Shafi’a Al-Nazeer, who told about his Lord Almighty that God in all the same hundred thousand Faraj is close, and delivered a great deal of recognition. In it, my God, I do not ask you the response of the judiciary, but ask you kindness in itHis family and peace.
first prayer Fifty God bless the prophet Mohammed prayers filled coffers of God Nora, and have Faraga and joy and gladness.

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And the priest and martyrdom, and the nation and the state……. < These concepts are necessary for human societies, do not fit religion or belief - and not intellectually, because they lack the ingredients of that, how to replace alternatives to Islam - and the wonder of some Muslims thinkers, writers and writers, who calls these Excessive marginalization of the role of Islam among its people The phenomenon of marginalization of the role of Islam among its people It means to make the role of Islam in life limited to the trivialities and minorities
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Hermes Replica Handbags Protesters blast decision to display reindeer at Leicester University Christmas marketAnimal rights groups say it is inhumane the University doesn’t agree09:00, 9 DEC 2017Get Daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailObjectors to the use of reindeer at events have slammed the decision by the University of Leicester to bring back the animals for its Christmas marketLast year, nearly 1,000 people signed a petition calling for the university to cancel the use of reindeer. The university refused, and a protest was held at the campus.Backed by the Leicester based International Network for Humane Education(InterNICHE) and Leicester Animal Rights, the objectors say they are very disappointed that the university continues to ignore public opinion and to deny the science of animal welfare.The objectors say reindeer should not be displayed as objects at markets and claim research shows that transportation is stressful and cruel.Visitors will be able to pet some reindeer if they pop along to the universityDownton Abbey actor and RSPCA vice president Peter Egan told the Sunday Times recently that “Numerous health and welfare issues occur when reindeer are uprooted and transported in captivity many degrees south of their normal range.”He said that despite the claims about understanding animal welfare, “People who hire them out at Christmas often lack even a basic understanding of their needs.”Nick Jukes, co ordinator of InterNICHE and former University of Leicester student said: “Ask yourself two questions. Would the reindeer prefer being with their herd in the open tundra, or stuck in a horsebox on the A6?”And would they hang around a noisy city market, or try to get away from it, if they had the choice?”Read MoreChristmas shopping newsLast month members of the university say they requested a meeting with the vice chancellor to object, but their request was not acknowledged.Law student and chair of the Leicester Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chapter, Tiffany Mitchell, said, “Of course some children will find it interesting Hermes Replica Handbags.

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