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Hermes Birkin Replica What’s On5 of the best Leicester restaurants we’ve visited this yearFrom nachos in a kitchen sink to healthy nourish bowls, we’ve found some fantastic food in the city15:30, 28 DEC 2017What’s OnAfter six months and million of refurbishments, the venue (formerly Molly O’Grady’s) opened in May and we were wowed by the transformation.The bar area is bright and brimming with well chosen furnishings, and the brasserie style restaurant (accessed via a hidden door!) is sleek and stylish.As well as stocking a carefully selected array of spirits 90 per cent of which you won’t find in another Leicester bar Knight and Garter is the first place in the midlands to serve the unpasteurised, unfiltered Budweiser Budvar Kr which got a firm thumbs up from us.The main menu has an emphasis on beef, sourced from Owen Taylor in Derbyshire.We were very impressed by the Knight and Garter’s signature steak a sirloin on the bone and the pan cooked duck breast. Hermes Birkin Replica

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