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A painful story
One of them said 0
My mother was one eye
I hated her
She caused me a lot of embarrassment
She cooked for students and teachers to support the family One day while I was in middle school my mother gave To receive greetings
I was very embarrassed.. How could she do this with me? “I wanted to bury myself at the time, and I hoped my mother would disappear for ever.” I faced her that day saying, ‘If you only want to make me a farce, why do not you die?’ ‘I stayed silent for a moment… I did not think for a moment what I said, because I would be out of anger’ I was oblivious to her feelings’ I wanted to get out of that house, I had nothing to do So I took a real hard time, so I got a chance to travel outside the country.

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Wearing survival suits to keep them warm and dry, two firefighters and four police officers walked out onto the river while Det. Zach Kashmanian from the dive team stayed on shore to work the ropes that tethered them. Allan was joined out on the ice by officers Holly Donahue, Eric Baumgarten and Jeffrey Fish also dive team members and firefighters Scott Schmitt and Randal St.

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