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R $ 2,248,800 – Itapema

Launching front All the apartments facing the 4

271 m² privative
400 m² total
3 and 4 parking spaces


2 apartments per floor
Total of 7 floors
Full leisure on the ground floor
High Start in March 2018 and finish in December > With values ​​starting from R $ 25% of entry
20% in keys
Remaining balance in 40
More information contact
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R $ 65 – Boa Vista From Rio Branco, Roraima, Brazil

CASTANHAL FARM EXCURSION ☀- “January 28 (Sunday)

” Value per person: R $ 65,00

“Includes: Round trip transfer + Delicious self-service + Leisure at the pool

_NO includes: drinks and others
” Departure at 07 : 30 in front of the Ana School “Return to 17:00

” information and reservations: (95) 99119 1435
– Revervas on payment
– we close with groups from 13 people to any – child up to 10 years pays 45.00 and up to 02 years no
– Towel and Bath Linen

– sunscreen and insect repellent; light clothing, cap or hat,
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